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    H11 Tool Steel

    H11 steel is often used to manufacture die-casting die, hot extrusion die, punching tool and mandrel of aluminum castings, as well as hammer forging die with complex cavity and large impact load, integral die or insert of forging press, high wear-resistant plastic die, etc.

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  • AISI H11 Tool Steel | 1.2343 | X37CrMoV5-1 | SKD6 | BH11

    H11 air cooling hardening hot working die steel. H11 steel is one of the three most commonly used hot working die steels in the European die casting industry. The carbides in the steel are fine, evenly distributed, good cold and hot fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance, good cold and hot working performance, good hardenability, thick thermal strength, oxidation resistance, high toughness and wear resistance at medium temperature.

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