High Speed Steel

  • 1.3355 High Speed Steel

    1.3355 High Speed Steel

    1.3355 high speed steel has good ductility and is used for roughing and finishing tools with medium strength parameters.

    1.3355 high speed steel can be used to produce turning tools, chisel tools, turning and planer, milling cutter, drill bit, thread tool, saw blade, planer, small circular saw, reamer, tap and screw cutter processed on automatic machinery.

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    M2 is a kind of tungsten molybdenum high speed steel with good hardness and wear resistance. It is mostly used to make cutting tools for cutting difficult materials.

    M2 high speed steel is suitable for dies bearing vibration and impact loads: deep drawing dies, punching dies, metal cutting blades, cold heading and extrusion tools.

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  • M42 High Speed Steel

    M42 High Speed Steel

    M42 is a high-quality cobalt high-speed steel. Its chemical composition is designed for high hardness and excellent thermal hardness. These characteristics make the steel the best choice for machining high-strength and pre hardened steels, high hardness alloys and difficult to machine nonferrous metal superalloys used in aerospace, petroleum and power generation industries.

    Cutting tools made of M42 steel can cut iron-based superalloys, cast superalloys, titanium alloys and ultra-high strength steels. Because of its good grindability, it can be used to manufacture all kinds of high-precision and complex cutting tools.

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