• Application scope of cold working die steel

    Application scope of cold working die steel

    Cold working die steel focuses on hardness, wear resistance and high carbon content. Alloy elements mainly increase hardenability and wear resistance. Cold working die steel has the characteristics of manufacturing dies for punching and cutting (blanking and punching dies, trimming dies, punches, scissors), cold heading dies, extrusion dies, bending dies, drawing dies, etc.

  • Application scope of hot work die steel

    Application scope of hot work die steel

    Hot working die steel refers to alloy tool steel suitable for making dies for hot deformation of metal, such as hot forging dies, hot extrusion dies, die casting dies, hot upsetting dies, etc. Because the hot working die works under high temperature and high pressure for a long time, the die material is required to have high strength, hardness and thermal stability, especially high thermal strength, thermal fatigue, toughness and wear resistance.

  • Classification of plastic mould steel

    Classification of plastic mould steel

    Plastic mold steel can generally be divided into six categories: age hardening plastic mold steel (including mirror mold steel), corrosion-resistant plastic mold steel, carburized plastic mold steel, pre hardened embedded mold steel (including free cutting steel), Quenched and tempered plastic mold steel and hardened plastic mold steel. Age hardening plastic die steel, carburizing plastic die steel and pre hardening plastic die steel are widely used. With the more and more extensive application of plastic products in industry and daily life, the demand of plastic mold industry for mold steel is also growing. In plastic molding and processing, the quality of the mold plays an important role in ensuring the product quality. At present, plastic molds have developed in the direction of precision, large-scale and multi cavity. The requirements for the performance of plastic mold steel are higher and higher. The performance of plastic mold steel should be determined according to the requirements of plastic type, product use, production batch, dimensional accuracy and surface quality.

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