• 04-11-2023

    Issues that Need Attention in the Maintenance and Repair of Forging Furnaces

    The forging furnace is one of the important equipment in the mechanical processing industry. It may encounter various faults and hidden dangers during use, so maintenance work is critical.

  • 06-11-2023

    What are the main advantages of electric furnaces?

    Electric furnaces are widely used for the smelting of non-ferrous metals [mainly used in the smelting of ferrous metal materials such as steel, alloy steel, special steel, cast iron, and the smelting of non-ferrous metal materials such as stainless steel and zinc. It can also be used for the smelting and heating of non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum. , heat preservation, and can operate in tandem with the blast furnace.

  • 25-08-2023

    How is the market price of tool steel now?

    Steel is an important commodity related to the national economy and people's livelihood, and its price fluctuations are affected by many factors. The following is Main factors affecting steel price changes:

  • 20-07-2023

    Heat Treatment Deformation and Prevention of Precision Mold

    Heat Treatment Deformation and Prevention of Precision Mold

  • 20-07-2023

    Heat Treatment Process of Tool Steels

    What is heat treatment?

  • 19-07-2023

    where is our tool steel used?

    Tool steel is a type of steel that is specifically designed for use in the manufacturing of tool steel, Tool steel are used in the production of various products, including metal parts, plastic components, and even food items. here are several types of tool steel available, each with its own unique properties and advantages.

  • 19-07-2023

    SteelMaking Knowledge Q&A

    Based on the following 5 steelmaking-related questions, we give informative answers. Welcome to discuss. 1. How to understand deoxygenation capacity? 2. What is the effect of increasing the size of the inclusion? 3. What is the shape of inclusions in molten steel? 4. What is the effect of molten steel flow on inclusion exclusion? 5. What are the advantages of the carbon pull method?

  • 04-11-2023

    Aluminum Alloy Profile Extrusion Die and Extrusion Production Process

    Aluminum extrusion is the aluminum alloy into the extrusion cylinder and apply a certain amount of pressure, so that it flows from a specific die hole, so as to obtain the required cross-section shape and size of a processing method, this extrusion processing method is low-cost, high efficiency, easy to operate, and occupies a considerable proportion of the modern industrial production system, so that aluminum extrusion has become an important basic material in the national economy.

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